West Kitchen WDBG-760 83" White Chest Freezer With 2 Solid Lids

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Elevate your freezing capabilities with the West Kitchen WDBG-760 83" White Chest Freezer. Designed for optimal performance and maximum storage, this chest freezer is an essential addition to any commercial kitchen or large-scale storage facility.

Key Features:

  • Spacious Design: Boasting an expansive 83" size with 2 solid lids, this chest freezer provides an extensive storage capacity to accommodate all your frozen goods.

  • Efficient Cooling System: The fan-assisted condenser and copper evaporator work synergistically to maintain temperatures ranging from -10 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring your items stay consistently frozen.

  • R290 Natural Refrigerant: Experience rapid cool down times and energy-efficient operation with the use of R290 Natural Refrigerant, promoting sustainability without compromising performance.

  • Durable Construction: The exterior features a robust white-coated steel finish, while the interior is crafted from aluminum, offering durability and ease of cleaning. The defrost drain simplifies maintenance tasks.

  • Organized Storage: Equipped with epoxy-coated white baskets, this chest freezer allows for systematic and easily accessible storage of your frozen inventory.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Move and position the freezer effortlessly with the 3” casters, ensuring flexibility and ease of relocation in your space.

  • Solid Hinged Lid: The solid hinged lid provides a secure seal, preserving the internal cold temperature and optimizing energy efficiency.

  • Digital Controller and LED Display: Take control of your freezer's settings with the user-friendly digital controller and LED temperature display, allowing precise adjustments and real-time monitoring.

  • Interior LED Light: Illuminate the freezer's contents with the built-in LED light, enhancing visibility and making it convenient to locate items, even in low-light conditions.

Whether you're managing a bustling commercial kitchen or a large-scale storage facility, the West Kitchen WDBG-760 Chest Freezer sets a new standard for reliability, efficiency, and innovation. Invest in top-tier freezing technology to meet the demands of your business and ensure the preservation of your frozen inventory at its finest.

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