Cooking Equipment

At West Kitchen, we provide top-quality commercial cooking equipment for pick-up or nationwide shipping, ensuring professional kitchens are well-equipped. Our range includes high-performance ranges, griddles, charbroilers, countertop and floor fryers, stock pot ranges, hot plates, and equipment stands, all designed for durability and precision. West Kitchen is your go-to source for essential commercial kitchen equipment.

Cooking Equipment

Charbroilers Charbroilers


Infuse your dishes with a smoky flavor. Charbroilers deliver perfect sear marks for mouthwatering results.
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Countertop Fryers Countertop Fryers

Countertop Fryers

Crispy perfection on your countertop. Explore compact and powerful fryers for delicious results every time.
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Floor Fryers Floor Fryers

Floor Fryers

The workhorse of any commercial kitchen, our floor fryers are built tough and are priced right to make sure you can keep up with your customer's needs.
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Griddles Griddles


Achieve the perfect sear on a spacious griddle. Ideal for breakfast classics and versatile cooking.
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Hot Plates Hot Plates

Hot Plates

Master the art of precise cooking with hot plates. Compact, efficient, and perfect for controlled heat.
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Ranges Ranges


Master the art of cooking with precision. Explore versatile ranges for professional-grade culinary performance.
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Stock Pot Ranges Stock Pot Ranges

Stock Pot Ranges

Ignite culinary creativity with powerful stock pot ranges. Ideal for simmering large pots with ease.
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Equipment Stands Equipment Stands

Equipment Stands

These essential kitchen stands keep your cooking equipment at working height. Perfect for charbroilers, griddles, grills, mixers, hot plates, and more.
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